Warmed up with:
Max time in L-hold
0.5 mile run
Worked out with: 21-15-9 reps of:
20 lb. medicine ball sit-ups
1.5 pood (55lb) Kettle bell swing
double-under jump rope
Warmed-down with:
0.5 mile run.
21 box jumps, 24 inches
30 second L-hold
We all finished this workout in 25-28 minutes. Keith posted the best performances on the L-holds, beginning and end. I am betting this has something to do with his Yogag training.
(see http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html for what an L-hold is supposed to look like)
None of us hit the minute mark on the L-hold. Something to work on. L-hold were at least 4x shorter for everyone in the warm down; most of us had to have assistance to make it to 30 seconds.


  • davidjwood

    Awesome workout. I *won’t* be trying this anytime soon.
    Who’all made it for this one?

  • silvia

    It was an awesome workout davidjwood! Scott led the way with Court, Keith and myself. Great job guys!