It is amazing to watch a crossfit workout. I came in with this idea for a workout to put the guys through today. I had put some clients through a similar workout a few days ago and thought I had some idea of how it would go when attacked by more seasoned crossfitters. However, I was blown away by the fury with which Scott & Josh attacked this WOD.
Run 800m
65# Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Backsquats*
21 Knees to Elbows
65# Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Backsquats*
Run 800m
* You do as many overhead squats as you can then switch to front squats. Then when you can’t do anymore front squats, you put the bar on your back and do back squats to failure. Of course, putting the bar down is not an option.
I had originally thought that scoring this might look something like load x reps / time in seconds = score, but it became apparent that today was not going to be a particularly “fast” day for Josh & Scott. The whole workout took approximately 28 minutes.
The best part was watching Scott do 100 squats in the first pass. I am thinking he should change his name from Scott to Squat. Truly impressive. Less impressive was Josh who was having a personal battle with his hangover. After 12 overhead squats he spent more time fighting off pukie and trying not to drop the bar than he spent squatting. Eventually he banged out approximately 50 squats in the first pass. However, we’re not really sure because he totally lost count. After doing the knees to the elbows they came back to the bars and agreed that 50 squats on the second pass would be a good number to shoot for. Scott made it to 45 before collapsing. Josh came back more focused (i.e. his hat turned inside out) and banged out the 50 with good form. They hit the treadmills for the final run/shuffle.
It was truly an inspiration to see such grit and determination. This was a real fight. Negotiating the load definitely takes its toll on the system since “resting” is difficult at best.


  • marshall

    WOW. I am sorry I missed that. Good work. I am on the road until thurs 25th (at least for most the class days). great work and se yo uall soon.

  • marshall

    I tried to recreate this the best I could in the palo alto westin gym….
    0.5 mi run 3:00
    tabata squat
    weighted 50 lbs 11
    weighted 50 lbs 09
    weighted 50 lbs 06
    no weights 10
    0.5 mile run 5:24
    this really made me look silly as I tried to waddle in and out of meetings all day….