Two On One

Two on One
Why do one Workout Of The Day when you can do two? Today we warmed up with weighted tabata squats and 150 sit ups. We had to introduce our newest members, Stan & Bin, to the joys of tabatas! I’m ashamed that I got dusted by someone that walked in off the street. I’m going to be plotting my revenge against Stan while I work on my weighted tabatas.
David 45# 13
Josh 45# 12
Stan 45# 10
Keith 45# 9
Marshall 35# 12
Joe 35# 12
Bin 25# 12
I (and everyone except David) would have been happy stopping there, but we thought it would be “fun” to try another challenging workout from the annals of the Crossfit message boards.
5 Rounds for time of:
10 Power cleans
15 pushups
David 135# 7:30
Josh 135# *
Stan 95# 7:10
Keith 95# 10:28**
Marshall 95# *
Bin ***
* Josh and Marshall both experience equipment malfunctions that rendered their bars useless for about 10 minutes. They were cruising at a sub 15 minute pace.
** We staggered this workout because there were only 2 bars. I started just after David and I was content to quit after 3 rounds. I took a seat and was sucking wind while I watched David do his last two rounds. After David finished in stunning fashion I was totally inspired to get back up and finish my last two rounds. If I hadn’t taken that extended rest, I’m certain I would have had a much better time and would have suffered only a mild heart attack.
*** Bin got to work on front squats and cleans with me and David coaching him. We’ll have him heaving some big weights around next time.


  • That was a *great* workout. I left thinking it wasn’t too bad, but by now can barely lift my arms to type. Thank god for the self-destructing o-bar and the ten minute delay it granted me, as I think I might otherwise still be lying on the gym’s deck in a puddle of my own vomit.
    Special recognition to David “The Godfather” Wood for putting us all to shame. As Keith pointed out, perhaps with ten or fifteen years of hard work, we might one day be able to give him a run for his money.
    David’s fine performance, and my rather poorer one, were also perhaps the most definitive example of the dangers of a Napoleon Complex I’ve ever seen. What in blue blazes were the two of us thinking, as the smallest guys in the room, trying that workout with 135# rather than 95#?

  • Stanton

    Great workout guys. I’m glad I finally dragged myself out of bed in time to make it. I’ll try to get up even earlier and make it to Tuesday morning.

  • Bin

    Well, my quads are in a state of revolt today, joined by my abs and lower back. I can’t move and I love it. I’m hoping to make it tomorrow morning, but I’ve got an out-of-town gig that I forgot about. If not then, then Thursday will mark my triumphant (humble) return!

  • I cannot believe these times. I look forward to our next meeting!

  • Bin

    Apologies: the first thing I meant to say was thank you to Keith and Dave for being patient teachers on Sunday! Definitely makes it easy to be the new guy. Thanks.
    And an anecdote… As you guys all went off to brunch and I limped home, I went down the stairs to the subway station. At the bottom of the landing was a homeless guy who saw me coming. He immediately started in, asking me for change while I was still at the top of the stairs planning my descent. My attention, however, was focussed on holding on to the handrail for dear life since my legs wouldn’t support my weight at all. The result was a frightening lurching/falling motion that was barely controlled. Anyway, the panhandler sees this and the look of agony on my face and trails off in mid-sentence. As I staggered by, there came a muttered “wow.”