Cornell-hell (Cornhell)

Today we had a marathon workout-20 minute warmup, ~1.2hrs of high intensity training, 20 minutes of warmdown.
I led the first two parts and our newest member, Sylvia, led the yoga-style warmdown.
The workout consisted of three rounds of:
overhead weighted lunges (35lbs) 3 lenghts of the studio (~65ft),
hill climb on the stationary bike (level 15, min. 100 rpm)
overhead squats, 95 lbs
(failure on any station could be subbed with 40 box jumps (20″)
Scores were (should be) based on reps per station where the time limiting station was lunges. The fatigue hit quickly though and stations were long from round one. The average sprint on the bike was ~3.5 minutes! We were all so exhausted at the end of it all that nobody even thought about posting scores. Let’s just say that there were plenty of box jumps.
Finally, we worked a bit on the kipping pull up before departing. The focus was on opposing pendular motions pivoting around the hip and the shoulders. These motions result in forward-backward movements of the head and feet, respectively in opposite directions. Videos of the kip can be seen at the following links:
(Pay particular attention to Cil-the woman on the left in the second video)
More questions came from the other trainers in the gym. It’s clear how fun they think it looks as we shock and awe them with our intensity.


  • marshall

    Thanks for leading us through that one. You could have named it the battan death march. It was interminable. woow. i am just crushed today. i was going to try to do jackie but am shot, i really cant find one muscle group i think would work. yikes. i gues i will make today not tomorrow a rest day.
    Thanks for the stretching help.

  • I’m feelin’ it as well. See you all on Sunday. We’ll find something to work on, have faith.

  • davidjwood

    Looks like hell. In fact, both of your last two workouts look like hell. What are you trying to do, give CF NYC a reputation?
    Sunday: in the park? or at Trainers Place?

  • Silvia

    1st experience with crossfit was awesome! thanx everyone for the open welcome vibe. time for me to (happily) reassess my fitness goals. see u all next time!

  • scott

    It was great to meet you. Please drop in anytime.

  • Karyn_G

    Wow, quite the workout!!!

  • This is a fantastic place I can’t believe I didn’t find it before!