Stringing Along

Today, after three rounds of the CF warmup, we strung together a couple of different exercises into a single beastly compound:
Dumbbell burpee to squat clean and jerk to two overhead lunges
Repeat, repeat and repeat, as you traverse back and forth across the length of the space.
Scott and Keith rocked 35# db’s, while I pansied along with 30#. (Insert whining excuses about percentage of bodyweight, etc.)
We made three there-and-back laps of the inside studio, then spent the next five or ten minutes on a workout Keith kindly named after me:
For time: lie on the floor gasping for breath.
We’re also toying around with taking this Sunday’s workout outdoors, heading either to Central or Riverside Park, for a repeat of the workout that first put CFNYC on the map: Mugging Gone Bad. Details soon.


  • Keith W.

    That workout should be named “What were we thinking?” Seemed like a great idea when Josh suggested it. It quickly became apparent that we were way out of our league. OMFG.
    Thursday night I will be teaching a partner yoga class. Then we’ll suffer in the park on Sunday.

  • Seriously, OMFG. I was looking at the workout as I typed it up, and even having lived through it just thirty minutes prior, didn’t think it looked too bad.
    Hopefully, some other poor saps will assume the same and follow along at home.
    Nothing more CrossFit than a sneaky-brutal workout.

  • marshall

    its always the quiet ones…i can imagine that was brutal. the thought of weighted burpees is intimidating enough.
    i wanted to work on cleans per all the discussion on the main site boards, and went to the gym with intentions of E-beth, but decided to do an older WOD to focus entirely on squat cleans {1 min cleans, 1 min rest for 20 min} i did 51 reps @95lbs with questionable form, although i did manage to hit my chin with the bar once which made me think i had things moving roughly in the right direction (albeit the wrong plane) at least once.
    i think i could do more weight w/squat cleans for 2-3 reps, but once the numbers start climbing they started to KILL me. wow.
    i am out of shape. i will spare you all the hilarity of my 5k run time from yesterday, but i have driven to the airport in substantially less time. perhaps my $15 contributions should go towards a defibrilaltor rather helping the others buy bumper plates.
    see you thurs.
    ps is anyone one else having trouble walking from the stiff legged dead lifts?