Monthly Archives: August 2005

Sunday is Snatch Day

We had a fun little snatch clinic today. We started with with a set of Tabata Overhead Squats. Then did some snatch grip deadlifts. Then we reviewed the basics of the snatch using the PVC pipe. We finished up with… Read more »

Flip Flop

As several people have commented that Thursday evening classes collide dangerously with prime NYC boozing time, we’re switching Tuesday and Thursday around: Now, Tuesday classes are at 7:00pm, while Thursday’s are shifted to 7:00am. Tuesday night, Thursday morning. Re-pencil that… Read more »

Body Armor, “Murph”

Court and I, a bit mentally fatigued, dove head first into one of the hardest crossfit workouts in existence. It went like this: 1 mile run 100 pullups 200 pushups 300 air squats 1 mile run About 1/3rd of the… Read more »


Warmed up with: Max time in L-hold 0.5 mile run Worked out with: 21-15-9 reps of: 20 lb. medicine ball sit-ups Pullups 1.5 pood (55lb) Kettle bell swing double-under jump rope Warmed-down with: 0.5 mile run. 21 box jumps, 24… Read more »


It is amazing to watch a crossfit workout. I came in with this idea for a workout to put the guys through today. I had put some clients through a similar workout a few days ago and thought I had… Read more »

Two On One

Two on One Why do one Workout Of The Day when you can do two? Today we warmed up with weighted tabata squats and 150 sit ups. We had to introduce our newest members, Stan & Bin, to the joys… Read more »

Cornell-hell (Cornhell)

Today we had a marathon workout-20 minute warmup, ~1.2hrs of high intensity training, 20 minutes of warmdown. I led the first two parts and our newest member, Sylvia, led the yoga-style warmdown. The workout consisted of three rounds of: overhead… Read more »

Stringing Along

Today, after three rounds of the CF warmup, we strung together a couple of different exercises into a single beastly compound: Dumbbell burpee to squat clean and jerk to two overhead lunges Repeat, repeat and repeat, as you traverse back… Read more »