Monthly Archives: July 2005

Hail the Great Leader

CrossFit NYC is a bit unusual in the CrossFit family, as it’s sort of a gym co-op: classes are led by the members themselves, who rotate through taking charge. To that end, here’s the class leader schedule for the rest… Read more »

Workin’ the Ladies

Decided to lay down some early benchmark times today, with our first official run through Helen. Warmed up with practice on deadlift form, working our way up to 135#. Then on to Helen: Three rounds for time: 400m Run 21… Read more »

Two Things

1. Just added a sidebar link to “What is Fitness?”, a great article from CrossFit headquarters that clearly and succinctly lays out what CrossFit training is all about. Any NYC CrossFitter who hasn’t seen the article already is strongly encouraged… Read more »

Tuesday 050705

Not even post-Independence Day hangovers can stop our brave New York Crossfitters, as this morning’s class proved. We blew through Fran, practiced PVC snatch drills, worked on L-sits, and generally attracted bewildered stares from the other personal trainers with whom… Read more »

What a strange day it’s been…

Woke up and went to our first Crossfit NYC workout. I thought I would just be handling the stopwatch and making useful commments like, “Keep your heels down”, “gut it out!”, “Get some!”, “3 more, don’t quit!” But somehow found… Read more »

First Class!

We’re off and running. This morning at 9:00am, CFNYC officially launched, with an astounding 14 people at the first class. We started the day with a look at squat form, practicing air-squats and PVC overhead squats, then launched into a… Read more »