Marshall Law

Today Marshall came in inspired and suggested we do this workout:
21, 15, 9 reps of the triplet:
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 115#
Overhead squats 95#
Snatches 55#
and for good measure do 21 situps & 21 pushups in between the rounds.
David 17:45
Keith 20:25
Scott 25
Marshall 30:40
David decided that the 95# bar was fine for snatches and the rest of us decided the 55# bar was fine for both OHS & Snatches. It was hard no matter what.
Joe joined us after the main workout and we got him involved in our skills work which included L-sits, handstands, planches and mannas.


  • davidjwood

    Thanks, Marshall (and Scott, and Keith) for a *great* workout. Sorry I couldn’t stay for breakfast . . . next time.
    Just to clarify (for the record, as they say), I was doing the OHS with only the 55, working on butt-to-ankles form. Snatches are actually easier for me than OHS . . . don’t have to hold it up there for so long.
    Norma, Tariq . . . where were you?

  • marshall

    David & kieth,
    it was nice to finally meet (and get lapped) by you. i was ran 5k and dip a collection of pull up dips and push up today and thought tomorrow (tues) i would try an old WOD to try to get the shrug portion of my cnatches and cleans down. any thoughts? i cant decide if hang cleans cleans are more likely to correct the problem or exacerbate it… thoughts?

  • Keith W.

    Next time we meet we’ll spend some time on “fundamentals”. In the meantime, get yourself a wooden dowel or pvc pipe. Practice Practice Practice. Read this months CFJ.