Fight Gone Quite Well, Actually

Yesterday evening, after a run through a snatch form warmup, the CFNYC crowd collectively faced off against Fight Gone Bad for the first time.
For those not familiar with the workout, our version was:
3 rounds, one minute per station, with one minute of rest between rounds:
20# db thrusters
75# deadlift high pull
20″ box jumps
75# push press
One point per rep. Scores weighed in at:
Leo: 335
Court: 310
Scott: 283
Ben: 268
Sean: 234
Marshall: 218
Afterwards, we retired inside for a quick l-sit competition, a look at kipping form, and a basic planche progression.
Our sweaty, happy faces were magic, as four different trainers in the same space came up to ask what the hell we were training for, and to see if they might be able to join the fray. Obviously, we’d be thrilled to have them join the ‘fun’; if you’ve been quietly reading along at home, we’d love to have you, too.


  • Keith W.

    Wow! I’m so sorry I missed the class. I’ve been in a wedding and yoga vortex all week. Who is Leo? What a great score! Damn. I’m so jealous!
    See you on Sunday.

  • Leonid Rozenberg

    2 clarifications:
    1. not to undermine a great accomplishement by all, but this fight was of a slightly lower weight class. modifications to Josh’s post:
    65# SDHP
    12″ box jumps
    65# push press.
    the box jumps were significantly easier and some of us cranked out huge tallies (~35).
    2. Leo -> the guy who showed up to the first class.