In and Out

As expected, we finally freaked out enough of the other trainers that the owner of the gym we’re using pulled me aside yesterday before class.
Not as expected, he wasn’t looking to throw us out; instead, he was rearranging schedules and space assignment to give us a good-sized studio all to ourselves. He’s even offered to help us ceiling-mount rings. Paul, you rock.
As that rearranging has yet to happen, however, yesterday we headed to the outside deck for our workout – another rather unused space, especially in 96 degree heat and pea-soup thick humidity.
After warming up through the Burgener o-lift progression, we decided to use the WOD as our workout, though with a slightly longer lunge walk distance.
Five rounds for time of:
45 pound barbell overhead walking lunges, 65 feet
21 burpees
Scott and I duked it out on this one, pouring sweat in buckets, and nearly passing out from the heat. Marshall, a former college rower who’d fallen off the fitness bandwagon, banged through the workout with such grit and determination that I’m absolutely certain he’ll be a CFNYC rock star in six months.
Scott: 16:14
Josh: 16:22
Marshall: 31:36
Followed by the official CFNYC warm-down: lying on the floor in a gasping heap.


  • Scott Blanchard

    This was one to remember. The barbell really keeps the posture of the lunge where it should be and as a result, I am suffering greatly from lunge ass.