Cleaning Day

It was “Cleaning Day” at Crossfit NYC. We spent our whole hour practicing cleans, front squats and presses/jerks. We started with the bodybars to warm up, then moved to the empty bar. The workout wend something like this:
Clean, Front Squat, Press/Jerk
3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3,….etc.
Started with an empty bar and just kept adding weight until we couldn’t do any more. Unfortunately, we ran out of time at 135# just as we were getting into a groove. There was lots of good coaching and advice going around. The form was definitely improving as the hour went on.
Our newest recruit, Calvin, then proceeded to show us his awesome muscle up skills! Rock on, Calvin!


  • davidjwood

    Sounds great! I’m looking to get there next Sunday . . . I’ll let you and Josh know for sure if I can make it.

  • Keith W.

    Eugene Allen posted his notes from Coach Burgener’s Oly Lifting seminar. This is mandatory reading!!!!

  • Calvin

    Thank you to everyone for all the coaching on my clean & jerk. Now I’ve got something to build on. Keith, thanks also for the link above.
    I hope to make as many Sunday WOD’s as possible, but it may be tough during the summer. Makes me wish I still lived in the city.
    Please keep me in the loop.

  • Sean

    I first heard of Crossfit on Sunday night and tried out my own little WOD yesterday at NY sports, whose layout isn’t exactly conducive to a fast and furious xfit routine.
    I’ll see you guys Thursday at 7. Does your place have rings and a climbing rope? I’ve never done a muscle-up and I’d like to try.