Please allow me to introduce my mother

A small team with some new faces in it got to know a new workout tonight that was coined by the group, “Scott’s Mom”. I won’t protest. It’s better than “Bitch” which was the first choice for its naming. The workout began with a quick ‘warm up’ of a:
Squat-jump Tabata interval. (introduced to me by Jason at Crossfit HQ)
Keith: 10
Josh: 15
Ben: 9
John: 10
Court: 12
This was followed by Scott’s mom which consists of three rounds of:
Weighted overhead dumbell lunges across the patio (~30 ft)
Turkish Get Ups (5 for each hand, 10 total)
21 Knee’s out sit ups (this must have an official name)
Folks chose various weights for the workout.
Keith (15 lb dumbells): total time: 7:46
Josh (15 lb dumbells): total time: 8:38
Ben (12 lb dumbells): total time: 12:24
John (10 lb dumbells): total time: 8:38
Court (12 lb dumbells): total time: 9:02
This was a first go at a new workout. My goal was to expand our repetoire of mid-body fitness excercises. I wish we had also rowed or climbed rope. But, nonetheless I have to say it looked fun. Too short perhaps without the Tabata interval first. Next time it should be for five rounds with 25lb dumbells. I am hoping to hear from everyone how they feel the tomorrow.
In the spirit of ‘if your not bleeding your not doing it right’, Court rocked a dumbell off his noggin but was unfazed and engaging in casual conversation despite the stream of blood running down his face (pic coming).
At the end of the workout Josh put together a short snatch training for us all. Happy Birthday to Josh who is 26 on Saturday.


  • Keith W.

    Let me be the first to say Scott’s Mom had her way with me.

  • DAMN. I can’t believe i missed the turkish getups. I’ve been meaning to try these! Scott’s mom sounds like a real bitch! I love her!
    Court – I promise I had nothing to do with that dumbbell incident! 😉

  • Keith W.

    Happy Birthday, Joshua!!!

  • Court

    I was thinking about you when I dropped it, Ivonne. ;->

  • For some reason, this workout gave me a roaring morning-after hangover.