Skinning The Dog

You start in downward facing dog. Hands on parallettes and hips up and back in an upside-down “V” position”^”. Then you jump your legs forward into an L-sit. Hover for a second and make it look pretty. Then you bring your feet back behind you and jump back into the bottom of a pushup position. Push up then back to downward facing dog. Repeat. Obviously, your feet shouldn’t touch the floor as you go forward and back.
You can make it very fancy and smooth and keep the legs and arms straight the whole way, you can try to swing the legs higher than parallel and approach a manna or at least a pike. You can swing back into a planche or handstand if that appeals to you.
To make it easier you can jump the legs forward into a tuck sit if you can’t do the L-Sit. You have the floor underneath you for assistance whenever you need it. You can start people just jumping their feet between the parallettes, then jumping them out in front of them. L-sit with one foot on the floor, then the other, then jump the feet back half way, then jump back all the way to the pushup.
For the pushup, you should start with the feet on the floor but if you want a greater challenge, then start with the legs higher on a bench so that you have to jump the feet to the higher position on the way back every time. Also you can do planches, mannas and handstands in there depending on your skill level. The yoga purists can also do an Upward Facing Dog after the pushup and before downward dog….makes it prettier.
You can also do it on rings, phone books, blocks and with the hands on the floor for variations in intensity and stimulus.
I’m hoping it catches on. We are doing what we can to put NYC on the map!