Full Court Press

We had three new members join us today. I’m impressed that anyone would be up for this sort of torture at 7am, but this is New York and the city is filled with freaks.
I started off the morning by introducing a new exercise into the Crossfit lexicon that I hope will catch on. I have dubbed it “skinning the dog” because it compliments “skinning the cat” and because it is based on a yoga exercise involving the dreaded dog pose. It made for a good warmup before we got down to business. More on that later…
Court sprung a workout on the crew that hails from the sadists at Crossfit North.
5 rounds for time:
25 Sotz Press
15 situp+medicine ball pass/catch
10 One legged deadlifts with dumbbells.
The Sotz Press. With a snatch width grip rack the bar behind the neck. lower into a squat. From the low position, press the bar overhead. Then stand up with the bar overhead. They used bodybars ranging from 12 to 45#.
Court and I assisted with the medicine ball passes. The victim lies down with the medicine ball and sits up and passes the ball to me or Court, then we toss it back to them and they do another situp and pass. Ivonne used an 8# ball that, according to Court, hurts like hell when it makes contact with your groin. Of course, since the death of chivalry everything is fair game including beaning Ivonne in the face with the medicine ball. Luckily her nose is not as delicate as Court’s groin.
The deadlifts were done with 20, 25 and 30# dumbbells. You hold the dbs in each hand and keep a stiff arched back as you lower the weight towards the floor while balancing on one leg. The floating leg goes behind you as you lower down. As you stand you bring the floating leg forward until both legs are side-by-side and you are standing up straight on one leg.
Matt 19:41
Jon 26:39
Ben 27:30
Ivonne 28:20
Great times! It was a grueling workout. But everyone survived.
We finished up the session with some play time on the rings. Mostly “skinning the cat” so that the workout was bookmarked with the two skinning exercises. Heard lots of muttering by the other trainers as we worked out…something about not sharing the dumbbells. I can feel a storm a brewin’!


  • Matt

    Good workout today. I am excited to finally be able to do the crossfit workouts with people that will keep me motivated and prevent me from wimping out. Look forward to some more pain. Thanks for starting nyccrossfit.

  • This was EXCELLENT. Not my own performance, per se, but the workout 🙂 Court, I don’t hate you for it, or for attempting to break my nose in retaliation. Besides, a crooked nose adds character, right? 😉
    Matt you kicked ass, by the way! Great job!
    I may not make it thursday or sunday, so unless I do, see you all next tuesday morning! 🙂

  • Sorry I wasn’t there this morning; ended up taking one of our interns out for birthday drinks last night, and didn’t make it home until after three. No way was I getting up at the crack of six after that, even for you guys.
    Still, in David Wood style, I banged this one out at home:
    Started with 30# DBs on both the DL’s and the Sotz Press, but only made it three rounds before switching to a 30# body bar (the heaviest in my gym) for the Sotz. We should try some DB Sotz in a future workout; they’re absolutely brutal.
    Also: had been hoping to hit 26 clapping pull-ups for my 26th birthday on Saturday, but only managed to hit a consecutive 15 in practice today. It may have to be 26 divided over several sets, though I have a few days yet to figure this one out.

  • When are you guys going to post pictures from CFNYC workouts??