Workin’ the Ladies

Decided to lay down some early benchmark times today, with our first official run through Helen.
Warmed up with practice on deadlift form, working our way up to 135#.
Then on to Helen:
Three rounds for time:
400m Run
21 DB Swings
12 Pull-Ups
Keith: 14:07
Court: 15:07
Scott: 15:12
Henry: 16:12
Keith started with a lighter weight on the swings and worked up with each round (I believe 35#-45#-55#), Court and Scott rocked out with 55# the whole way through, and Henry used 25# to ease into his first Helen ever, putting in a rather impressive starting time.
Post-Helen, we headed out to the deck to try some new lateral and rotational movement drills using a 15# medicine ball, none of which were quite painful enough to seem truly CrossFit-worthy. Then back inside where Keith demonstrated his excellent handstand, and I pioneered a new “straddle planche to high-speed faceplant” technique. Yes, we’re really pushing the boundaries here.
Still, we did catch our first muttered “those crazy CrossFit people…” from another trainer as we headed out the door, so it seems we’re doing something right.


  • Hi guys! I did Helen yesterday, because i was going to go out to long island this morning and wouldn’t make it to class (didnt’ end up going, but that’s another story).
    My time was 13:03, used 25lb dumbell, and did my pullups on the gravitron with #10 assistance. The 400 meters i ran on the treadmill, at 7mph. I think i could have done that faster. And I think i could have done the pullups wiht less assistance, though definitely not unassisted for 12. not YET!
    Can’t believe I missed your demo of the new “face plant” technique, Josh. Will look forward to a re-enactment on thursday night! 🙂

  • Oh and i did tabata squats for my warm up, along with some crunches.

  • davidjwood

    Hey guys: I did Helen same day . . . good to get some times in on the Benchmarks. Way to go, Henry! Signficantly better than my first date with Helen . . .

  • Ivonne – I’m sure you’ll soon discover I’m quite adept at pioneering ways to transition into high-speed face plants from any number of starting positions. It’s a gift, really.
    Also, I’d be remiss not to point out that David, who modestly omitted his time, apparently banged out Helen as RX’d in 13:30.

  • Court

    My hams feel so swollen they could rightly refered to as “honey bee”…
    Maybe our alternate motto could be – “Turnin’ your trainer into a ‘playa’ hater!”