Hail the Great Leader

CrossFit NYC is a bit unusual in the CrossFit family, as it’s sort of a gym co-op: classes are led by the members themselves, who rotate through taking charge.
To that end, here’s the class leader schedule for the rest of the month. Nearly all of the classes are being led up by two people, but it’s the person listed first who wields that day’s stopwatch. (I point this out mainly for the benefit of Scott and Court, who are still looking to wield revenge on poor Keith.)
The schedule:
7/12 Court & Keith
7/14 Scott & Josh
7/17 Keith & Court
7/19 Court & Scott
7/21 Josh
7/24 Keith & Josh
7/26 Scott & Court
7/28 Josh & Scott
7/31 Court & Keith
We’re hoping to find additional New Yorkers interested in getting certified to lead classes, and also hoping that some already-certified New Yorkers who haven’t been able to fit classes into their summer schedules will be able to take a few on here and there as we move ahead.
If you fall into either category, certainly let us know.


  • Keith W.

    Invented a new exercise I’ll be debuting this week.