How to lose friends and alienate people…

Tonight I learned that leading a Crossfit workout is not a good way to win friends. I now have four sore yet slightly-more-fit Crossfitters that are plotting revenge on me. I put them through the Crossfit Warmup with pushups instead of dips and in a slightly different orderÔøΩbut close enough to be called a Crossfit Warmup. Then we got down to business with this workout:
3 rounds of 1 minute each of
Burpees (with or without pushups)
Box jumps
Dumbbell swings (25, 35 or 55#)
Dumbbell thrusters (15 or 20#)
I min rest
Score was 1 point per rep.
Court 77+64+63 = 204
Joshua 78+61+48 = 187
Ivonne 55+56+53 = 164
Scott 61+33+41 = 135
ÔøΩ Court and Ivonne didnÔøΩt do the pushups and used lighter weights. Scott and Joshua used the heaviest weights and did pushups.
Everyone was totally taxed and swore to get their revenge on me. I am enjoying the few days I have left before the next meeting and getting my affairs in order in case I donÔøΩt return.


  • davidjwood

    Yay, Keith!
    Sounds like a great workout! I will do this tomorrow morning on my own (just so I can join the crowd and hate you, too).
    Thanks to all for posting the NYC workouts, and to you and Josh for driving this bus . . .

  • Court

    Must work on my burpee technique while under the influence of “duh”… It was a wicked WOD Keith, thanks for inflicting, oh, excuse me, I mean leading it.

  • Ivonne

    Ugh! My burpees were pathetic, but this workout kicked my ass in ways I didn’t think possible. Keith, you were awesome, thank you! See you guys sunday!

  • josh newman

    I think this was the first time the other trainers / trainees in the space started to realize exactly how insane we CF’ers are. We did the workout out on the deck, and by the end had gathered a small crowd inside watching us dazedly out the window.
    While Keith pointed out that we did a variation of the official CF warmup, he neglected to mention that we also did the official CF warm-down: lying on the floor for several minutes, making ‘sweat angels’ and gasping for breath.

  • Court

    Darn you Keith, I am waaay sore and tired today…that’s what I get for doing CF four days in a row; one day too many. (Not to mention having to slack the last two months between finishing my degree, traveling out to LA and moving to Brooklyn).

  • davidjwood

    OK, finally got around to doing this this morning (Saturday).
    Got 80, 80, and 73 with a 55-lb DB for the swings and 2 20’s for the thrusters. This was a great WOD; the kind of workout that makes the question “but what about your cardio?” so laughable . . .
    Please post what you do on Sunday; I’ll try to keep up . . .