What a strange day it’s been…

Woke up and went to our first Crossfit NYC workout. I thought I would just be handling the stopwatch and making useful commments like, “Keep your heels down”, “gut it out!”, “Get some!”, “3 more, don’t quit!” But somehow found myself agreeing to do B2B Tabata squats at David Wood’s suggestion. In the future I will ignore David Wood and anything he suggests.
Then of course I grabbed some 35# dumbbells for the Deadlift/Pushpress-a-thon. But realized that would be far too light for the deadlifts so I grabbed some 55# for those. Now we were ready to go. After my first 21 deadlifts, I was wondering how I got stuck doing this and Norma got to go around and tell people to keep there heels down. Seems unfair.
Got to turn people upside down for handstand practice then banged out a 26 second L-sit.
I don’t why I didn’t stop there but I suddenly remembered Alvaro Romano was in town doing a Ginnastica Natural seminar. It’s a movement system that incorporates, jiu-jitsu movements, yoga, animal forms and other weirdness. It is sort of like Scott Sonnen’s body flow stuff if you’ve seen that. Anyway, two hours of that and I was a sweaty mess.
Now it’s time for a nap. Can’t wait for the next Crossfit Gettogether.


  • davidjwood

    Keith, Josh, Norma, and everyone who made it today: awesome! I had a great time, and am so proud of Josh and Keith for pulling this together.
    We had a bunch of newbies, most of whom absolutely kicked butt . . . Henry who held a handstand forever, Zoe who approached the L-sit claiming “I don’t know what I’m doing” and then promptly held one for 30 seconds . . . (about 20 seconds longer than my best)
    Thank you, one and all . . .

  • Keith W.

    I’m getting used to the format of this new webpage. It’s pretty cool. I see now that we can post into the “Comments” section just like on the mothership page. Very cool.
    Thank you, David. You are officially “The Equipment Czar!” Your toys will definitely come in handy over the next few months.
    Yeah, definitely impressed by the turnout today. Some impressive feats of fitness.

  • Tariq

    This was a fun time. I am pleased I dragged my sorry butt out of bed for it. Hey, are the pics online yet?

  • I’m giving Lauren first pass at pictures for use on the mothership site before posting them here, as we got yelled at for not doing so at the last WOM.