First Class!

We’re off and running. This morning at 9:00am, CFNYC officially launched, with an astounding 14 people at the first class.
We started the day with a look at squat form, practicing air-squats and PVC overhead squats, then launched into a round of Tabata squats (with a few masochists going bottom-to-bottom for ‘style points’).
Then onto the workout itself, which, due to the unexpectedly large turnout, was:
21-15-9, for time:
Dumbell Deadlift
Push Press
The times:
2:22 Henry
2:43 Ivonne
2:49 Joe F
3:08 Melinda
3:18 Allison
3:29 Zoey
3:54 Court
4:28 Tariq
4:46 Dave
4:50 Scott
4:53 Keith
5:07 Leo
The weights varied quite a bit, with some starting at 12# and working on their form, and others (most of those at the longer end of the spectrum) using 45# and working to fall-on-the-floor exhaustion.
Afterwards, people rotated through a couple of skill practice stations, playing around with handstands and handstand pushups, L-sits, and pullup kipping.
Apparently having too much fun to leave, we then played around with Tariq’s rings, talked shop, and generally ran well over our allotted time slot.
With the aid of morning coffee, we’ll be at it again this Tuesday morning at 7:00am. Come on by.


  • andrew (london UK)

    well done everyone. Get someone to say high to tariq for me: tell him andrew ( the english guy form the certification) is aiming for the muscle up by 5th August.
    love you all

  • Lani Lau

    Sounds like a great workout. Congratulations you guys.